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EERA Chairman Nils Røkke highlights the importance of hydrogen


In an article for Renewables Now, EERA Chairman Mr. Nils Røkke comments on the energy and climate challenges Europe is facing and the important role of hydrogen in the future energy mix.

For example, the transport sector is one of the sectors that can benefit from a hydrogen economy. Heavy duty vehicles, trains and marine transport can use hydrogen when electricity is not an option and combined with biofuels and/or batteries.

In addition, hydrogen can be made affordable and at scale both from electrolysis and from natural gas with carbon capture and storage. Increasing emissions costs and potential new legislation will likely make hydrogen an attractive and viable option.

What’s more is that we will need weekly to seasonal energy storage, considering a future energy system dominated by intermittent electricity production. Hydrogen can provide a solution to the issue of energy storage, as it is produced from natural gas with Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

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