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JP Smart Grids

The present JP, by means of an extended cross-disciplinary cooperation involving many Research and Development (R&D) participants with different and complementary expertise and facilities, aims at addressing, in a medium to long term research perspective, one of the most critical areas directly relating to the effective acceleration of smart grid deployment: smart grids technology, its application and integration.

Structure (sub-programmes)

  • SP1 Technologies and tools for the management of future power systems (coordinator: DTU)
  • SP2 Storage Integration (coordinator: VTT)
  • SP3 Distribution Network Flexible operation (coordinator: FOSS)
  • SP4 Consumer and Prosumer Engagement through Digitalization and ICT (coordinator: VITO)
  • SP5 Flexible transmission network (coordinator: SINTEF)


Ivan Matejak EERA Secretariat contact for JP Smart Grids
+32 2 568 01 01