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Call for Application to become member of the new EERA Executive Committee


EERA is launching a call for for Expression of Interest to becoming a member of the EERA Executive Committee (ExCo)

EERA ExCo members have a collective responsibility for the overall good functioning of EERA. In the current governance structure, there are 15 EERA ExCo members. The role and responsibility of the EERA ExCo is described in the EERA statutes in article 11.

EERA ExCo members have been appointed for a term that ends at the next General Assembly that will be held on 03 May 2017 in Brussels. 15 research organisations will be selected as new EERA ExCo for the two-year term starting at the end of the General Assembly of 3 May 2017. The selection will be based on the criteria defined in the recently revised Statutes and will be made for the set of organisations that expressed their interest to be EERA ExCo member in the next 2 year term.

All EERA Full Members are in principle eligible to become EERA ExCo members.  The deadline for receiving applications is 28/02/2017.

Selection procedure & criteria and application form 

For additional information, please contact Oriane Levinger at