Catalysing European energy research for a climate-neutral society by 2050

What we do

EERA’s work in a nutshell

The European Energy Research Alliance is active in different fields of work at different levels. All its activities contribute to the overall goal to catalyze European energy research for a low-carbon future, with the goals defined in the EU’s SET-Plan being the guiding principle. For this purpose, EERA uses both a bottom-up and a top-down approach:

  • Bottom-up by helping align national research efforts through its members – public research centres and universities – which coordinate their activities (cf. EERA Joint Programmes)
  • Top-down by addressing policymakers and funders at national and European levels and by fostering the creation of national energy research alliances (e.g. in the UK, the Netherlands, Spain and Belgium)

EERA’s work is mainly directed towards the following stakeholders:

  • The 250 EERA member organisations, (scientific) backbone of the association and its biggest asset – read more
  • The European institutions, setting the political framework and providing transnational funding opportunities – read more
  • National governments and funding agencies, providing public funding at the national level – read more
  • Industry, which invests in research and transfers EERA research results into innovative solutions – read more
  • Civil society, participating not only as end-users, but also more and more as energy producers in the market – read more

At the core of EERA’s activities are its currently 17 Joint Programmes, covering all low-carbon technologies as well as cross-cutting, systemic topics. To learn more about the Joint Programmes in general and their specific activities, please click here.

The researchers within EERA’s member organisations are highly involved in regional, national, European and international collaborative research and innovation projects. Besides that, EERA aisbl – the association itself as a legal entity – also participates as a coordinator or partner in EU-funded projects of strategic value to the alliance. Learn more about EERA’s projects and its contribution here.

Curious to see how this all works out? Find here some exemplary success stories.