Catalysing European energy research for a climate-neutral society by 2050

Success stories

The EERA Joint Programmes have achieved several results over time, building on collaboration and sharing of knowledge and resources. Here you can find some examples of the JPs achievements in various areas, including cooperation with industry, joint programming, alignment on research priorities and international cooperation. They have been made possible both through in-kind contribution of EERA’s members and external funding (for example, through the EU-funded Integrated Research Programmes).

The ELECTRA REX mobility programme for smart grid researchers

Knowledge for a common vision: the CHEETAH KEAP e-learning platform

A step forward in joint programming in nuclear materials: a call for pilot projects leading to a 50M€ research portfolio

Towards a “60 year lifetime design” of GenIV nuclear reactors

European energy storage technology development roadmap towards 2030

DTOcean (Optimal Design Tools for Ocean Energy Arrays)

Promoting a EU-driven network for the development of solar thermal energy technologies

Boosting European solar fuel research

EERA JPNM labelled projects: a step forward towards further convergence of research and industry priorities

JPNM: a double step for stronger coordination with industry and wider cooperation beyond Europe


Sustainable mobility for the future

The road to a low carbon economy will not be paved without the decarbonization of the transport sector. Sustainable mobility is a must in the foreseeable future – not least because any failure to support it would strengthen the case for continued use of fossil fuels. The solution will be a transport sector depending on multiple technologies, from electric propulsion to hydrogen, renewable gas and biofuels. EERA has mounted a sustained bid to innovate in this field.


Cutting-edge low-carbon energy solutions

‘Cutting edge’ is a tough description to apply to energy technologies. The pace of change is moving so fast that today’s “normal” – Tesla’s in car showrooms or cost-competitive offshore wind – appeared to be pipedreams in the recent past. In the absence of certainty, we can only research the best prospects on offer. To reach its climate and energy goals, Europe needs cutting edge low carbon energy solutions. A few examples of cutting edge research areas and technologies EERA researchers have been working on.


Who powers the renewables revolution?

EERA’s Joint Programmes have accelerated the development, deployment and uptake of low carbon technologies, in line with the EU’s SET-Plan. EERA has taken a leading role in coordinating the energy research and development community and works extensively to define priorities and activities together with industry and other key stakeholders. EERA began under the umbrella of the EU’s SET-Plan, and contributes to all its action plans.


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