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New R&I ETIP SNET Roadmap: 2.5 billion euros investment in R&I to support the energy transition


Published the new 10 year Research & Innovation (R&I) Roadmap 2017-26 of the ETIP Smart Networks for Energy Transition, providing the system view to support the transition of the energy system by addressing a scope larger than smart electricity grids. The Roadmap also encompasses interactions with the gas and heat networks and focuses on integration of all flexibility solutions into the power system, including energy storage technologies.

The RD&I priorities defined in the Roadmap are organised in clusters and functional objectives. The clusters give an indication of the prioritised topics: modernisation of the network; integration of smart customers and buildings; security and system stability; power system flexibility from generation, storage, demand and network; integration of decentralized resources of these kinds; economic efficiency and digitalization of the power system; network operations; and planning and asset management.

The full implementation of all R&I activities is estimated at 2.5 billion euros needed to finance innovation over the next decade both for transmission and distribution systems, and to be co-financed from the public and private sector.

The ETIP SNET Roadmap is available for download here, it is an update and significant extension of the previous EEGI roadmap 2013-2022.

EERA is member of the ETIP SNET Governing Board, representing the Research pillar with its Joint Programme Smart grids.

More information about the ETIP SNET can be found on .

Download the full Press Release here