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Energy Storage

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Participants (Full& Associated)

Austria: AIT, Belgium:Vito, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (ETEC); Bulgaria: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic: NRI Řež; Denmark: Technical University of Denmark – DTU; Finland:  VTT; France: CEA, INERIS; Germany: KIT, DLR, GFZ, HZGRWTH Aachen, FZJ; Italy: ENEA, RSE, CNR, University of Padova; Netherlands:DIFFER/FOM Norway: SINTEF, IFE, NTNU; Portugal:University of Porto ; Slovakia: IEE SAS; Spain: CIC energiGUNE, CIEMAT, CSIC, CTCIMDEA Energy, IK4 Research Alliance, Tecnalia, UPM; UK: UKERCPolitecnico di Torino (IT)


The EERA JP on Energy Storage is launched. The focus is on the following sub-programmes:

  • Electrochemical Storage (Lithium Batteries, Super Capacitors) Coordinator: M. Conte (ENEA, Italy)
  • Chemical Storage (Hydrogen, Methanol, Ammonia) Coordinator on duty: L. Bedel (CEA, France)
  • Thermal Storage (Advanced Fluid, Phase Change Materials, Thermochemical Heat Storage) Coordinator: A. Wörner (DLR, Germany)
  • Mechanical Storage (Hydro, Fly Wheels, Compressed Air) Coordinator: A. Harby (SINTEF, Norway)
  • Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (Materials, Technology, Applications) Coordinator on duty: X. Granados (CSIC, Spain)
  • Energy Storage Techno-Economics (MARKAL Model) Coordinator: P. J. Hall (University of Sheffield, United Kingdom)

Current and further activities

Due to the rather diverse research and technological requirements of the different energy storage technologies each sub programme has defined very individual work packages and mile stones. However, all sub programmes use the first 12 months for review of activities, state-of-the-art evaluation and defining next step requirements.
Detailed road maps and research and engineering design concepts will be developed for short, medium and long term periods.

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