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5th EERA Annual congress 2015


The 5th EERA Annual Congress 2015 took place  on 30th April at the Renaissance Brussels Hotel.

Congress theme for the EERA congress 2015 – Research for the Energy market 2035

What will the energy market look like in 2035? Worldwide the energy system is changing creating new market conditions. From the shale gas boom in the US to the Energiewende in Germany and the 2011 Fukushima nuclear plant accident in Japan to the dramatic drop in oil prices. Meanwhile, the crisis in Ukraine has brought energy security to the forefront of the political agenda while the latest IPCC report calls for immediate action to address climate change. In the middle of this, energy companies, large and small, are navigating to change or develop business models and products that will match the future energy market. Incumbents are under heavy pressure to adapt to the new realities while new players emerge and consumers turn prosumers with rooftop solar systems.
How does this affect the research agenda at the technology as well as the system level? Mature renewable technologies such as wind and solar are challenged to manage with less subsidies while the development of smart grids needs to find solutions to incorporate decentralised systems.
And how does the different market conditions affect the how we best structure coordination of European research?

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